Instituto Superior de Seguridad Pública

English Abstract

ISSP English Abstract

Objectives and Mission

The Superior Public Safety Institute was created by law 2.895 in 2008, as an educational institution dedicated to instruct and train all the key members of the Public Security System, named on Law 2.894, including the Buenos Aires City Police, and supervised by the Security and Justice Ministry of Buenos Aires City.

The Institute of Public Safety aims to be:

  • An academic community that promotes the faithful fulfillment of constitutional requirements, laws and regulations in force.
  • An educational institution of academic excellence that provides a space for training, professionalization and scientific research on social security, aimed for those involved in both the formation processes of public policies, as well as those providing public safety service in Buenos Aires City.
  • A key instance to the political leadership support and the Public Security Program, through the continuous education and training of the actors involved in the strategic implementation of public security policies.
  • A space for awareness on the importance of the protection of human rights and guarantees, established in the argentine Constitution, Buenos Aires City Constitution and in complementary declarations, conventions, treaties and pacts, as a basic component in the security and freedom meanings.
  • A space for public debate and share, open and permeable to the community and committed to install security as an important issue.
  • A leading role on the transformation of public security historically threatened by authoritarianism and excesses, into a sustainable and shared politics. In other words, gear for the consolidation of the Democratic Rule of Law.